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Who is Dharma Management?

Dharma Management works with individuals and businesses committed to using their services to grow and strengthen communities one individual, one project at a time. Moreover, their services create healthy environments that facilitate limitless possibilities. We act as a collaborative partner with our clients to address any barriers impeding their abilities to meet their goals.
Dharma Management’s


My mission is to reinvent the way people examine problems and develop solutions.
Dharma Management’s


My vision is to challenge your approach to problem solving in a manner that facilitates growth through transformation.

How We Can Help

Dharma Management is a team of people and business strategists. We serve a broad spectrum of professionals including higher education administrators, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leadership, small business owners, visual & performing artists, corporate level executives and holistic wellness practitioners.
No matter the differences within professions, each professional has the shared commonality of an existing barrier to personal and professional success. Taking a collaborative approach with each client enables us to develop individualized plans that yield strategic solutions to their challenges.

Our Roots

The Roots of Dharma Management

I would like to acknowledge the South Asian roots of Yoga in my use of the word dharma. Dharma is Sanskritam and, like many words in Sanskritam, can be difficult to translate to English. Taken from Rig Veda text, Dharma has been loosely translated as duty as it pertains to a way of living. 
I acknowledge my teachers and my teachers’ teachers whose selfless sharing of their knowledge and wisdom not only greatly contributed to my ability to identify and live my dharma but also became integral in the development Dharma Management. My ideal client is committed to using their purpose to serve, grow and strengthen communities one individual, one project at a time.
Dr Amber Howlett PhD

About Amber

From a child, Amber was always certain of two things, the first being that she wanted to help people in a way that changed the world and the second being that her voice would be the tool for her to do so. She could usually be found involved in a game of neighborhood football (where she was the only female player) or organizing neighborhood talent shows. She was always intrigued by the strategy involved in orchestrating football plays that determined teams wins and losses. Organizing talent shows, besides establishing a way for she and her friends to generate revenue, provided the lesson of the importance of enhancing and relying upon your own personal assets which in this case was strengthening her voice. This recognition led Amber to organizing her stuffed animals to be a mock audience as she practiced her skills of speech delivery, therapy, planning, and coaching. Little did she know how monumental these childhood experiences would be in chartering her path.
Today Amber L. Howlett, PhD. is a passionate humanitarian, academic, researcher, public speaker, and coach who is the Founder of Dharma Management, LLC, a company that provides strategy coaching and consulting services that assist people and organizations to become unstuck. She utilizes a holistic approach to support her clients through deep dives in self-exploration that result in the transformational changes they seek. Never one to be defeated by life’s biggest challenges, she believes that everything can be fodder for strength and growth. One of her CEO clients has termed her services as “therapy for your business”. Her style of delivery is inspirational, humorous, and filled with unique self-expression that is influenced by her experience, training & education in sociology, psychology, counseling, coaching, and yoga philosophy.
On the rare occasion that Amber isn’t working to create change, you can find her knitting thigh high socks, honing her skills on her acoustic guitar named GuGu, or cooking swoon-worthy meals to woo her husband.